The Twin Lakes Tour in Sibulan Town, around 6 kilometers away from Dumaguete is composed of two lakes, Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao. It is more popularly known and designated as the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park. While the entire 8 hectares or so of the park is not covered by the tour, nature trippers will still find the relatively long ride to the lakes worth it. The way to Balinsasayao is not smooth, and 4×4 are the best option for transportation use. Those who love to stare at bodies of waters and those who love peaceful sceneries however, will be rewarded.

To get around, a bit of hiking will be involved. However, visitors at Balinsasayao also have the option to rent kayaking equipment and kayak their way from one point to another.

The Twin Lakes Tour is subject to weather conditions, and Green Earth Tours and Travel reserves the right to call off the tour and postpone it to another day or replace it with another tour which will not compromise safety.
The Twin Lakes Tour is best taken by big groups. When at the site, visitors have a chance to do some trekking, kayaking and even swimming. Lunch and snacks and refreshments will also be served during the tour.