Which AU City is for you?

There are many Filipino communities in Australia. However, since Australia (mainland) is both the largest island and the smallest continent in the world, it is best to identify where Filipinos usually live and consequently study and work.

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For easy reference, we start by breaking mainland Australia apart into its six states and two territories. The six Australian states are: New South Wales (NSW) of which the capital is Sydney; Queensland (QLD) of which the capital is Brisbane; South Australia (SA) of which the capital is Adelaide; Tasmania (TAS) of which the capital is Hobart; Victoria (VIC) of which the capital is Melbourne and Western Australia (WA) of which the capital is Perth. The two Australian territories are: the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) of which the capital is Canberra; and the Northern Territory (NT) of which the capital is Darwin. Below is a simple map showing the states and territories of Australia for your easy reference. 

With that said, here are the top cities in Australia where you are most likely to find a considerable number of Filipinos to help you settle in and adjust to your new home. 


Sydney has the largest Filipino population in Australia

Sydney is host to one of the largest Filipino communities in Australia. The Filipino Consulate General is located in Sydney. The cost of living in the city is relatively higher compared to other cities, but that is because infrastructure is also good, and because there are many multi-national companies which set up shop there.  Sydney is after all Australia’s commercial center. Popular sectors for those looking at working in Sydney are financial and insurance services, healthcare and manufacturing. 


Melbourne is a favorite city for Filipinos

Most people love Melbourne for its food scene, its less hectic pace than Sydney and the fact that it is touted as the “cultural hub” of Australia. Melbourne has a thriving Filipino community. According to statistics, 19% of Filipino migrants to Australia choose to settle in Melbourne and are a mix of professionals, laborers, administrative and clerical workers, community workers, and technicians and trade workers. Melbourne is also a top choice for Filipinos who want to work in Australia. 


Filipinos in Brisbane

Brisbane is the fourth most affordable city for students in Australia and is home to great schools like University of Queensland, Griffith University and more. The city is endearingly called “Brissy” and is a top choice for those who want access to the gold cost and the sunshine cost. In terms of work opportunities, Sydney and Melbourne are more popular choices but Brisbane offers a more relaxed pace of living. 


Perth in Western Australia is still a city which Filipinos choose to reside.

Perth is located in the Western part of Australia. It is actually nearer to Indonesia rather than to Sydney or Brisbane. Perth is quite isolated from the other Australian cities, and its cost of living is quite low. It is known as Australia’s “Education City” and is home to universities like Curtin University of Technology, Murdoch University, University of Western Australia and more. 

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The statistics presented below have been rounded up to the nearest hundreds and are based on the 2016 census. Next census is set on year 2021 still. This page will be updated accordingly. 

New South Wales – 70,400; Victoria – 38,100; Queensland – 29,500; Western Australia – 17,300; South Australia – 8,900; Northern Territory – 3,600; ACT – 1,300; Tasmania – 1,300.

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