Visa to AU? Get a travel agency to assist you.

Filipinos who want to enter Australia as tourists need to apply for a tourist visa. This may be done online or via paper. 

For those who are busy or who prefer assistance in their applications, Green Earth Tours and Travel is a travel agency that can provide help by providing the checklist of documents to submit, checking the correctness and completeness of your documents and the information you provide on the forms for submission and lodge your application for a tourist visa to Australia for you.

Requirements for Tourist Visa

Requirements for Tourist Visa to Australia

Here are some basic requirements needed for a tourist visa application for Australia. You need to email us so we can guide you with the details, fees and processing time. Please note that different profiles (ie, employed, in business, studying) may have different/additional requirements. The requirements to apply for a visa to Australia are valid as of the time of writing, but please note that these may change from time-to-time. Please check with Green Earth Tours and Travel via email for updates and a proper consultation. 

  • Accomplished application forms and consent letter 
  • Proof of identity: ie, birth certificate (plus marriage certificate for married women)
  • 2 copies of passport-sized picture
  • Proof of financial capacity: bank certificate, bank statement
  • Genuine visitor documents: 
  • A letter of invitation from a family member/relative/friend based in Australia (if applicable)
  • Plans while in Australia (ie, hotel voucher, itinerary)
  • Proof that you have reasons to return to the Phiilppines (ie, Certificate of Employment, business documents, assets, etc.)
  • Payment of fees

Processing takes 15 to 30 working days. The timelines vary, so it is prudent and highly suggested that you lodge your application 2.5 to 3 months prior your travel to avoid the anxiety of waiting for the results of your application for a tourist visa to Australia. Green Earth Tours and Travel does not guarantee the timelines and outcome of your application. 

Migrating to Australia

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Why do many Filipinos want to migrate to Australia? Find out the Top Reasons Why Filipinos Want to Study, Work and Live in Australia.

Other visa categories to Australia

Over the years, many Filipinos are looking at migrating to Australia via different visa pathways. Green Earth Tours and Travel collaborates with a Registered Migration Agent in Australia in these instances to ensure that your questions and concerns are adequately addressed and your forms are properly accomplished. 

More common pathways for Filipinos to migrate to Australia are: 

  • Skill Select Pathway
  • Partner Visa Pathway
  • Student Visa Pathway

Send us an email about your circumstances and requirements so we can assist you accordingly. For a minimal fee, you can consult with an Australian-based Registered Migration Agent.

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