Visa Requirements for Italy

First things first

You need to lodge your application for a Schengen Visa via the Italian Embassy only if you spend the most number of nights in Italy versus the other countries falling within the Schengen states. 

What are the 26 Schengen Countries?

When planning to travel around Europe, it is best to know whether the countries you will be visiting are classified as Schengen countries. If this is the case, then you need to assess your itinerary. Check which country you will spend most of your nights in–that country should be where you lodge your application for a Schengen Visa.  For your reference, here are the 26 Schengen Countries



















Czech Republic








If for example you plan to pass by London which does not fall under the list, then you need to get two separate visas for your European Trip: one visa for the United Kingdom, and then one for Schengen states.

Once you have a visa for Schengen, then you can go around the various Schengen states smoothly within the time frame granted to you. There is no need to get additional documents. However, please note that if you are entering a Schgengen state, then going to London and then going to another Schengen state after London, you need to apply for multiple entries already for your Schengen visa.

Checklist for tourist visa - Italy

Completely accomished Schengen Visa application form. Please do not leave blanks in the form. Indicate “NA” if the answer is not applicable.

Recent passport or 2×2 colored ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard photo with white background. Ears should be exposed. No dangling earrings allowed. Please do not show teeth. Please wear collared shirt or blouse.

Old (if available) and current valid passport. Expiry date should be 3 months longer than that of the visa required but please consider also the 6 monh validy as required by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration

  • Complete itinerary. Green Earth Tours and Travel can provide you a sample if you avail of our assistance for visa processing
  • Confirmed roundtrip flight booking
  • Bank certification supported by passbook and statement of acount (1 year for first-timers and six months account history for frequent travelers. Frequent travlers are those who have Schengen visas issued twice within the span of 5 years leading towards current application.)
  • Copy of real estate properties, if relevant
  • If available, international credit card statements, properties, land titles, etc.
  • For minors: Proof of economic means of parents or legal guardian
  • If employed: original Certificate of Employment; original Approved Leave of Absence, copy of latest Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • For applicants who work with the government: see above + Approved Travel Authority
  • If self-employed: business license/permits, BIR registration, BIR “please ask for receipt” form, latest financial statement and ITR. For sole properitors, please submit DTi permit. For corporations, please submit whole set of SEC documents, articles of incorporation and by-laws
  • For students: Certificate of Enrolment and approved Leave of Absence (if traveling witin the school year)

Travel health insrance with coverage of at least 30,0000 Euros (USD50,000) (with 15 days allowance beyond travel period for expenses for emergency hospitalization and repatriation expenses, valid throughout the Schengen area, to be chosen among those offered by the Schengen accredited insurance companies.

Green Earth Tours and Travel will assist you in getting the correct and proper travel health insurance from the accredited establishments if you avail of our assistance for visa application.

  • Hotel booking under the name of the travler
  • If invited: letter of invitation, if applicable. Format for letter of accreditation will be given by Green Earth Tours and Travel if you avail of our assistance in visa processing.
  • Document of identy, proof of citizenship or permit to stay from the inviting person (if applicable)
  • If invited by relatives NSO documents to prove relationship
  • Original and photocopy, NSO-ssued birth certificate
  • Original and photocopy, NSO-issued marriage certificate, if applicable
  • For all minors and students: notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent from both parents
  • Proof of family ties in the Philippines
  • DSWD clearance for minors not traveling with parents
  • If not a Filipino citizen, proof of permanent residence in the Philippines (ACR)

Green Earth Tours and Travel will charge for the visa fee, service fee and cost of travel health insurance.

Note: We will only accept applications where the intended date of travel is within 3 months from the time of application.

How do I start?

Green Earth Tours and Travel will assist you in your application for a Schengen visa via the Italian Embassy. That said, the assistance will cover advise as to documentation, setting of appointment and passport delivery. However, in no way does the travel agency guarantee the approval of your application. The granting of Schengen visa via the Italian Embassy is solely under the discretion of the Embassy.

The standard processing time is at 15 working days; weekends and public holidays therefore not included. However, the timeline may be subject to extension in the event that the Embassy will request other documents from the appliant.