Dumaguete Tours and Eco Tours around Negros Oriental are available for booking with Green Earth Tours and Travel

Credits to John and Selene, our guests from Australia for this picture in Negros Oriental during their 4-Waterfall Tour

Avail of Dumaguete day tour packages and book Dumaguete hotels at affordable rates with Green Earth Tours and Travel. This laid-back capital city of Negros Oriental is always a pleasure to explore. Also called a University Town because it is home to Silliman University, where many students in the Visayas and Mindanao choose to have their college degree, Dumaguete is a charm. It has good and affordable food finds that also make for unique pasalubongs like sylvannas and sans rival cakes. The urbanites who itch to shop need not fret, because Dumaguete also has malls they can hang out and shop in. Touring Dumagete however is best done if you go out-of-town, to places like Bais or Apo Island. Why, you can even cross the sea (short 20 minute ride) and get to Oslob in southern Cebu to see the whale sharks (butandings) or relax in Sumilon. Email Green Earth Tours and Travel at gett.inc@gmail.com for consultation and quotes regarding our travel agency’s offers for Dumaguete tour packages and Dumaguete hotels.

Dumaguete Day Tour Option #1: HALF-DAY DUMAGUETE CITY TOUR

Experience charming Dumaguete through this short 3 to 4-hour tour and explore the nooks and crannies of this University Town by visiting the Silliman University Anthropology Museum and Library and of course, Silliman University itself. This tour also takes you around the city’s civic districts and ends either at the mall where you can do your shopping and buy some pasalubong items, or back at your hotel if you wish to rest a bit for a night out at the Boulevard, where Dumaguete’s hip restaurants are mostly located. Half-day Dumaguete City Tour highlights: Silliman University Anthropology Museum, Silliman University Campus, Silliman University Library, Silliman University Luce Auditorium, Provincial Capitol, Local Fried Ice Cream House, Public Market, Dumaguete Belltower, Quezon Park, Boulevard, Souvenir Centre – Sidlakan Village or Handumanan Tour inclusions: AC transportation, services of licensed tour guide, all entrance fees, bottled mineral water Travel tip: Our Dumaguete City Tour comes in 2 variants—one with lunch and one without. It’s your option to choose which you would prefer. Our travel agency will have tour timings adjusted accordingly.


This is a longer version of the first tour option, which takes you around the city and then brings you to the nearby town of Valencia to see the Sulphur Vents and Tierra Alta. The sulphur vents may be found in Mount Talinis (which is also known as Cuernos de Negros, or in English the Horns of Negros). The sulphur vents are harnessed for electricity and Mt. Talinis has been declared as a protected area by the PNOC. Alta Tierra on the other hand is a resort and residential development still in Valencia which affords the tourists a scenic view of the mountain ranges of Palinpinon and Siquijor island in the horizon. Full-day Dumaguete City Tour highlights: Spots included in the half-day Dumaguete City Tour, Sulphur Vents and Tierra Alta in Valencia Tour inclusions: AC transportation, licensed tour guide, lunch, bottled mineral water, all entrance fees


This full-day Dumaguete tour is actually more of out-of-town and ideal for the rugged, outdoorsy type of tourists. This is not the adrenalin-pumping kind of tour however. The Mabinay Caves is not for spelunking but it gives a very good view of caves where stalactites and stalagmites are very much alive. The cave is well preserved, and a local guide will show you around the place to point out the various formations inside the cave. On the other hand, the Twin Lakes Tour takes you to Sibulan in Negros. The prominent feature of the Twin Lakes Natural Park is the twin crater lakes of Balinsasayao and Danao. Balinsasayao is larger than Danao and both are generally steep, plunging up to 90 meters in depth. A narrow ridge separates the Twin Lakes. In the background, one can see Mt. Guintabon in the east and Mt. Guinsayawan in the west. With the lakes, mountains, over 184 species of terrestrial vertebrates and 180 species of forest trees, one can say you can get a natural high doing the Dumaguete Twin Lakes Tour without breaking the law. Dumaguete Twin Lakes Tour + Mabinay Caves Highlights: Lake Danao and Lake Balinsasayao in Sibulan and Mabinay Caves in Mabinay, aka Cave Town for its numerous caves Tour inclusions: AC transportation, services of licensed tour guide, local guide during caving, lunch, bottled mineral water, entrance fees

Dumaguete Day Tour Package Option #4: DAUIN SNORKEL FUN + BALANAN LAKE WITH LUNCH

Some tourists prefer to stay in Dauin’s beach resorts than in Dumaguete City. That said, one can have the best of both worlds by staying in a Dumaguete accommodation and then taking the Dauin Snorkel Fun + Balanan Lake Tour! Dauin is a municipality in Negros Oriental near Bacong and Zamboanguita. It is home to many scuba and snorkelling sites; and even the famous Apo Island falls under the jurisdiction of Dauin. On the other hand, Balanan offers hikers a circumferental trail, beautiful waterfalls and of course the Balanan Lake itself. While swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited, one can ride the banca, the pedal boat, kayak, triak or relax at the park’s floating cottage. Dauin Snorkel Fun + Balanan with Lunch Tour Highlights: Dauin Coral Reef, Balanan Lake Tour inclusions: AC transportation, services of licensed tour guide, lunch, bottled mineral water, entrance fees


Head on to Tanon Strait in Negros Oriental to see the dolphins. The best time to do the Dolphin Watching Tour in Dumaguete is between the months of March to October. Before the tour, you will be briefed with the do’s and don’ts during dolphin watching. A spotter will also accompany you in order to maximize your view and time in the strait. (No swimming, please, of course). After Bais Dolphin Watching, head to the Manjuyod Sandbar, under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Manjuyod but very much accessible from the same jump off point used for Dolphin Watching in Bais. 7 kilometers of white sandbar for you to laze around, have picnics, swim, take pictures. Memories of Negros and Dumaguete become more exciting because of the close encounters with nature the place affords. Other tours may be combined with the Bais Dolphin Watching Tour. Please ask us about our:
  • Twin Lakes + Dolphin Watching Tour
  • Dolphin Watching + Manjuyod Sandbar + Mabinay Caves Tour
Dumaguete City Tour + Dolphin Watching + White Sandbar Visit Highlights: See the enumeration of spots to visit in Dumaguete Day Tour Package Option #1; Dolphin Watching in Bais, Manjuyod Sandbar Experience Tour inclusions: AC transportation, services of licensed tour guide, lunch, bottled mineral water, entrance fees


A word of caution: it’s not an easy task to get to Casaroro Falls, with the bad roads, steep 300- to 400-step stairs (going down; and then going back up); but be rewarded by a majestic site that awaits. Casaroro Falls is truly Negros Oriental’s hidden gem. No swimming is allowed. However, trekkers and trekker-wannabees would be happy to get back home and boast about the Casaroro Falls Trekking Tour. Pack light clothes, and do wear a pair trekking sandals which have good traction. No, a pair of slippers just won’t simply cut it. Casaroro Falls Trekking Tour with Lunch Highlights: Casaroro Falls in Valencia Tour inclusions: AC transportation, services of licensed tour guide, lunch, bottled mineral water, entrance fees



The ride to Apo Island from the mainland only takes 30 to 40 minutes. Then you’d probably want to stay in Apo Island—forever! If you are a big snorkelling fan, Apo Island provides for a wonderful time ogling at the corals and large sea turtles. Do not make the mistake of forgetting your water cameras behind, please. Snorkelling gear is not included in this tour, but you can rent a set onsite. Divers will have a grand time, and will probably want to explore Apo Island’s various dive spots like Largahan, Baluarte, Chapel, Rock Point West, Mamsa Point and so much more. Apo Island Snorkelling Tour Highlights: Snorkelling with sea turtles, viewing the corals Tour inclusions: AC transportation, services of licensed tour guide, lunch, bottled mineral water, entrance fees, boat transfers

Dumaguete Day Tour Package Option #8: SIQUIJOR DAY TRIP FROM DUMAGUETE

Conquer Mystic Siquijor with tour Siquijor Day Trip from Dumaguete. Be enthralled by the clear waters, as you dock the port. Laid back and serene, Siquijor is home to a handful of white sand beaches. Breath-taking panoramic views await—a convergence of land, sea and mountain which makes you wonder what is in this beautiful island that it seems to have been kept a secret from most tourists flocking mainstream attractions. This tour takes a full day. Travel from Dumaguete to Siquijor takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the kind of ferry you board. Siquijor Day Trip from Dumaguete Tour Highlights: 4-Century Old Balete Tree, St. Isidore Church and Convent, Enrique Villanueva (Coastal View), Larena Port Entry, St. Francis of Assisi Church and Bell Tower, San Juan Juan de Capilay, Merienda at Triad Cafe Tour inclusions: AC transportation, services of licensed tour guide, lunch, bottled mineral water, entrance fees, boat transfers (roundtrip ferry tickets Dumaguete to Siquijor to Dumaguete will be bought on day itself)

Dumaguete Day Tour Package Option #9: OLSOB WHALESHARK/BUTANDING ESCAPE

How would you like to visit 2 island provinces in one amazing trip? For the uninitiated, the southern town of Oslob, Cebu is actually only 20-minutes away by ferry from Sibulan, Negros. Head on over to Oslob and go snorkelling with the whalesharks. This is a short tour, as interaction takes 30 minutes only, but one to last a lifetime. Complete your aqua-fun experience in while in Negros Oriental—dolphin watching in Bais, sea turtles Apo Island, snorkelling in Dauin, and a trip to Oslob Cebu for the whale sharks. (Of course these tours cannot be done in one day, but for the lucky ones who have time to spare—what are you waiting for?) Oslob Whaleshark Tour Highlights: Whaleshark Interaction (Diving Packages are optional and also available for booking; gears included) Tour inclusions: AC transportation, services of licensed tour guide, boat use, applicable fees

Dumaguete Day Tour Package Option #10: DOLPHIN WATCHING  WITH SIDE TRIP TO SANDBAR

Dolphin Watching for guests staying in Dumaguete is one of the most sought-after activities. This tour takes you to Bais City, which is an hour-drive away from Dumaguete. Your motorized outrigger (aka bangka, in local parlance) will take you to Tanon Straight, right in between Negros and Cebu Islands. Another highlight would be the Manjuyod White Sandbar, which may be found in Barangay Campuyo. Get a feel of how it is to be right smack in the middle of paradise. Swim, frolic, laze around and forget your worries; even for just a moment, as you bask in the beauty of nature. After lunch, the tour’s last stop is the Talabong Mangrove Islet, which serves as home to various birds and other wildlife. Dolphin Watching with Sidetrip to Manjuyod Sandbar Tour Highlights: Dolphins (and whales, if your stars align) swimming in the wild; Campuyo/Manjuyod White Sandbar; Talabong Mangrove Islet Tour inclusions: AC transportation, services of licensed tour guide, boat use, applicable fees. (Snorkel set available for rent and may be pre-paid through Green Earth Tours and Travel

Dumaguete Day Tour Package Option #11: APO ISLAND SNORKELING TOUR

Apo Island is a small island that packs a big punch when it comes to snorkeling experience. With Dumaguete as the reference point for this tour, it takes 30 minutes to drive southward to Malatapay, the jump-off point  where a motorized outrigger will take you to Apo Island. It takes another 30 minutes travel by outrigger to get to the island. Apo is also famous for diving. The best spot for snorkeling and diving would be an area called Turtle Point. Another highlight of the tour would be a trek to the lighthouse in the island. It’s a basic, easy trek and those that take it will enjoy the treat of a panoramic view of the horizon. Lunch may or may not be served depending on your preference; and the tour will end midday after you take your lunch unless you prefer to swim and beach comb further. Apo Island Snorkeling Tour Highlights: Turtle point and the trek to the lighthouse Tour inclusions: Roundtrip land transfers (choice of using an AC van, or an open-air type multicab), chartered boat, complete snorkeling set consisting of mask, snorkel and fins, lunch which will be served by Apo Island Beach Resort, all sanctuary fees, services of  tour guide