Typical Puerto Princesa Itinerary


The City of Puerto Prinsesa shot into fame among local and foreign tourists alike when the St. Paul Subterranean River (colloquially called St. Paul Underground River) was hailed as among the new seven wonders of the world. Since then, what was known to be the last frontier of the Philippines was thrust into the spot light. Puerto Prinsesa, the capital city of Palawan is well loved for its idyllic lifestyle, affordable and sumptuous food and for its varied activities suitable for families, friends out on a trip, or companies on team building, or honeymooners. Green Earth Tours and Travel is a travel agency in Cebu with strong affiliates in Palawan would be more than happy to show you around and provide you with hassle-free tours and access to the accommodation options for Puerto Prinsesa hotels, pension houses and resorts.


Here’s a standard 3 days and 2 nights itinerary in Puerto Prinsesa Palawan for those who have not been to the Last Frontier:

Day 1 in Puerto Prinsesa

Upon touching down the Puerto Prinsesa airport, get yourselves ready for a vacation of a lifetime. If your plane reaches Puerto Prinsesa in the morning, you can very well catch the scheduled Puerto Prinsesa City Tour in the afternoon. See spots like the Crocodile Farm, the Mitra Ranch and the Bay Walk. Also proceed to Baker’s Hill and Plaza Cuartel. Shop for souvenirs along the way as you also visit Binuatan Creations. A running tour will feature Palawan’s civic districts before you head back to your hotel.

Day 2 in Puerto Prinsesa

The second day is dedicated for the Underground River Tour, which is located approximately 80KM away from Puerto Prinsesa, in a town called Sabang. Make sure you train your eyes on the various interesting cave formations when inside the Underground River cave.

Day 3 in Puerto Prinsesa

For those on a short vacation, alas it is your time to leave. Know though that Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan is always waiting to welcome you back.

Standard check-out time at resors is 1200H (while check-in time is at 1400H). For those who booked afternoon or evening flights out of Puerto Prinsesa, you can also take our Honda Bay Tour. Be amazed by the fact even if you do not know how to snorkel or much less swim, you can see colourful fish up close because the waters are clear and unpolluted. You can just wade and have the fish come up to you. An extraordinary experience indeed.

For those with more time to spare and are going home on the 4th day yet, here are optional tours you can take on your 3rd day:

  • Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour
  • Dos Palmas Day Tour
  • Kamia Bay Day Tour
  • Firefly Watching Tour
  • Estrella Falls Tour
  • City Birding Experience Tour


Currently, there are no commercial flights to El Nido. You need to take a chartered plane if you wish to get to the island directly from Manila. However, Puerto Prinsesa is a gateway to El Nido. Brace yourself for a 5-hour journey per pay from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido and back again. Green Earth Tours and Travel can provide arrangements for Puerto Prinsesa alone, and for Puerto Prinsesa and El Nido itineraries. Please ask us about our private transfers as well as seat-in transfers from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido. Ideally, you need to allot 4 days and 3 nights so you can visit the Underground River as well as El Nido. That said, please consider a 5D4N itinerary so you can also visit Honda Bay. When in El Nido, Green Earth Tours and Travel can arrange for your tours like:
  • Tour A in El Nido, Palawan: Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Zimizu, Secret Lagoon, 7 Commando, Miniloc Resort (sightseeing only)
  • Tour B in El Nido, Palawan: Pangulasian, Snake Island, Codugnon Cave, Cathedral Cave, Pinagbuyutan Island, Lagen Resort (sightseeing only)
  • Tour C in El Nido, Palawan: Hidden Beach, Matinloc Shrine, Star Beach, Secret Beach, Helicopter Island
  • Tour D in El Nido, Palawan: Cadlao Lagoon, Paradise Beach, Natnat Beach, Pasandigan Beach, Bukal Beach


Our tours in Puerto Prinsesa run on seat-in coach basis. If there are less than 10 of you, you can join other small groups in order to fill a tour van and keep the rates constant and reasonable. Please note that in Puerto Prinsesa, environmental fee of Php40 per person will be collected onsite for each of the following tours: Underground River Tour, Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour, Dos Palmas Tour. Please also note that in El Nido, the local government requires non-residents to pay Eco-Tourism Development Fee of Php200 per person. Kindly set aside enough amount for these this which you are to pay onsite.


Puerto Prinsesa is accessible from key cities in the Philippines like Manila, Cebu, Iloilo and Davao. The trip takes approximately 1 hour from any of these points. A 3D2N is ample time for you to visit the must-see tour spots in Palawan, although at best, a 4D3N tour package would give you a more relaxed pace. While you can’t necessarily cover all places to see in Palawan, at least you can tell your friends you’ve been to a large part of what makes Puerto Prinsesa the shining star that it is in Philippine tourism.