Do Filipinos need to go through a Registered Migration Agent?

The short answer is you do not need a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) to Study, Work or Live in Australia as you can very well do this on your own. However, it may increase your success rate if you are well-advised by experts in the field and that is why we recommend that you consult with an RMA and avail of an RMA’s services.

Only Registered Migration Agents can legally give immigration assistance in Australia. These RMAs have expertise in laws and procedures pertaining to their field and are duly listed on the Register of Migration Agents held by the Office of the Migration Agents Authority (OMARA).

Filipinos are better off consulting with a Registered Migration Agent

The Migration Act of 1958 states that Immigration Assistance includes: 

  • preparing, or helping to prepare, a visa application or other document
  • advising about a visa application or visa matter
  • preparing for proceedings before a court or review authority in relation to a visa application or visa matter
  • representing in proceedings before a court or review authority in relation to a visa application or visa matter

What can a RMA do for you?

Never discount the value you get from consulting with someone who professionally gives advise regarding migration matters. Hearing from friends’ experiences can help, but these inputs cannot substitute the invaluable and reliable information that only Registered Migration Agents can provide. An RMA:

  • can explain which visa options are available to you, and recommend a suitable option
  • can prepare documents for your visa application
  • can lodge a well-prepared application with all required documents, which can make it easier and faster to get a decision from the Department
  • can contact the Department or other organisations to discuss or ask questions about your application

What can a RMA not do for you?

A Registered Migration Agent:

  • cannot guarantee your application will be successful
  • cannot help you get a visa if you do not meet the visa requirements
  • cannot guarantee faster processing of your application
Registered Migration Agent in Australia

Green Earth Tours and Travel cautions the public in transacting with operators pretending to be Registered Migration Agents. Our travel agency only deals with an RMA and can provide the necessary license details for your verification via Please send us an email if you need assistance in this regard.