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Cheap Bohol Tour Package



Lately we have received many inquiries from people are asking how to get the most affordable yet fulfilling Cheap Bohol Tour Package, be it just a Bohol Day Trip from Cebu, a 3D2N standard Bohol Package or just a lazy free-and-easy 4D3N at a beach front resort in Panglao or Anda. We’ve decided to document some travel tips for you to get the most bang out of your buck:


What’s your travel style? Are you a D-I-Y person?

In this internet age the first impulse of would be travelers is to search Google and start looking for promo sale of airline tickets at the prolific promo website of Cebu Pacific Airlines or Zest Air or Tiger Air, and other budget airlines. Next, if they are flying in to Cebu going to Bohol via Mactan International airport, they go surfing for promo round trip sea fare fast ferry Ocean Jet or Supercat tickets. The next big budget expense of the trip is hotel rooms. The tendency is go to Agoda or Asia Travel or similar online hotel booking platform, hoping to get the hefty discount rates for the season. Next, they choose tours to avail from the mushrooming travel operators in Bohol and Cebu, unfortunately from some entities not accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT), by-passing even their favorite neighborhood travel agencies. Of course these searches takes time without a surefire guarantee that you actually get the cheapest Bohol tour and travel package they have been planning to avail.

Bohol Tour Package with accommodation, tour and transfers


Travel myth busted: Why it can be cheaper to go through a travel agency

Travelers have this notion that using a travel Agency to help them with their tour package is more expensive than doing it themselves (DIY) being the middleman. Maybe yes sometimes but most of the time it is cheaper to avail of the services of a travel agency or tour operator. Some of the reasons why travel and tour agencies like Green Earth Tours and Travel can sell their packages lower most of the time than by going direct to the hotels or booking Platforms for example is because the agencies enjoy special with most of the hotels. These discounts  can be passed on to the clients, traveler/tourists. Green Earth Tours and Travel sometimes sees it fit that the entire discount it enjoys from a hotel will be fully passed on to the guests if the tourist avail from them 3 or more tours or if the group is big. Green Earth Tours and Travel as a seasoned operator also would be able to suggest an ideal itinerary to the guests to optimize the time they will spend for their vacation. Upon receiving the basic information from the guests about the primary objective of their tour, or what they plan to accomplish for example, Green Earth can suggest flight plans such as whether to arrive in the morning or afternoon and the ideal time to depart so that their movement for air/land travel will be less stressful. Or whether to land in Cebu first and then exit through Tagbilaran airport or vice versa in case they are doing a Cebu/Bohol tour. The savings they will accrue from this proper organization of their schedule can be substantial. This appropriate itinerary planning can sometimes reduce a 4D3N Bohol Travel Package into 3D2N without missing any tourist spot destination therefore saving a night stay in the hotel and a few budget for meals.


Bohol Resorts


An excitable would be traveler without proper advise from a travel agency or travel operator like Green Earth Tours and Travel will immediately book online upon seeing a very cheap promo round trip airfare by Cebu Pacific air that he sees on the internet not considering that the flight schedule of the promo is only good for example to arrive in Cebu at 10 p.m. on the first day and then departs back to Manila at 3:00a.m. on the third day. Realizing only much later when he can no longer cancel or alter his promo booking that the 3D2N package that he intends to spend in Cebu or Bohol for that he has only effectively the second day to enjoy. To add to his sad realization how can he enjoy when you arrive late in the evening on the first day and depart in an unholy hour on the third day? Hardly rested.

Even for this reason alone Travel and Tour agencies will continue to exist for a long time to come. Of course there are tourists who would not want to go to the hassle of composing the package themselves. They do not have the patience and industry to collate all the necessary information to make their vacation plans. They would rather leave it to their trusted travel agencies to do it for them. Cheap Cebu/Bohol 3D2N plackage or just plain 5 nights stay at a beach or any which way your package done? Make it hassle free at very affordable rates. Visit your nearest travel and tour agency and make sure you get your Cheap Bohol tour package that is packed with excitement.


Some valuable travel tips when planning your Bohol Trip:

  1. If you are planning to get your Bohol resort or Bohol hotel online, do check if the rates reflected in your screen are already inclusive of taxes and service fees. Chances are, if you click through the end, the following will still be added on top of the rate initially flashed: 12% tax, 10% service fee.
  2. Compare your rate with the rate of your travel agent. Normally, there’s a chance you can get good deals when you talk to your travel agent. Agoda won’t let you know if you can get extra mattresses in your resort room in Panglao. It won’t let you know that some rooms can accommodate 5 to 6 to even 8 people, especially for those barkadas looking for a fun trip with the least cost possible. We at Green Earth Tours and Travel can, because we know Bohol like we know the palm of our hands. Check us out for our Bohol travel deals.
  3. Check if your booking site includes breakfast. Ta-da!  Yes, some people are too lazy to read through the fine prints—they go click-click-click and realize too late that the rate they got is without breakfast still. They usually end up buying breakfast at the hotel at a more expensive price. Be a smart traveler and seek for smart agents.
  4. Tours in Bohol can be tricky. At the onset, some offer van rentals in Bohol which would seem cheap. Do be wary of the hidden costs. Those home-based “travel agencies” jack-up the rates for the entrance fees in the various tour spots. Compare, compare, compare. A complete-hassle-free Bohol Tour Package by a legit agency can come out cheaper because you are sure there are no more extra costs involved during your trip.
  5. Driver-guide versus tour-guide: Now, this is one tricky issue. Would you feel safe zig-zagging Bohol’s countryside while your driver is yakking away? What happened to “eyes on the road, please?” For those with a limited budget, then there is not much choice. If you just want to rent a van for your Bohol tour. However, do put value in the services tour guides give. Our tour guides in Bohol are among the sweetest and most competent guides you can find. What’s a few bucks if you know your needs are looked after while touring Bohol? Let’s be responsible tourists.


How to spot an unlicensed van in Bohol

Every year, legitimate companies troop to the Department of Tourism to have themselves accredited and re-assessed for accreditation. Each entity, be it a travel agency, a tour operator, a transport operator or a tour guide, is given an accreditation certificate. Prior to your trip to Bohol or anywhere in the Philippines, you can ask for a copy of your travel agency or van’s DOT certificate to be sure. What are the benefits of getting licensed service providers? A lot. You can’t put a price on peace-of-mind, can you? Imagine if your van conks out in the middle of nowhere. How sure are you that your ‘manoy driver’ has people to back him up? Does he have a towing service to get to him and assist you? Imagine yourself taking a Tagbilaran to Manila flight on the same day. If you miss it, that’s additional cost for 1 more night in Panglao, additional cost for your meals. You may miss out from work or worse, you may miss a connecting flight to get to an international destination!

Bohol rent-a-van


When renting a van in Bohol or getting cheap tours in Bohol, make sure you deal with licensed travel agents. Apart from the certificates of accreditation, check your van’s plate number.

  1. A green-plate van in Bohol – means your van is a private van, and your driver is just an enterprising person with no license. Beware.
  2. A yellow-plate van in Bohol – means your van is a public transport van. It is not a van to take you to tours around Bohol, but is a common carrier meant to transport you from the city to the towns.
  3. A rainbow-plate van in Bohol – ah…now you’re talking. A van in Bohol which carries a rainbow plate means it is designated for tourism. These vans can legitimately do the Bohol Countryside Tour without you having to worry if you’ll get caught by operatives who crack down on colorum (unlicensed) operators. Last item to check when you find the rainbow-plate van is to check if it’s DOT sticker reflects the latest year. This means that the van has been assessed by our beloved Department of Tourism.


Bohol Package Tours or just Van Rental in Bohol?

Will it be a hassle-free tour package or just a van rental in Bohol? Whatever you choose, email us at or contact us via the following numbers:

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See you in Bohol! We’d love to have you in the islands.


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