Cruising Loboc River in a Floating Restaurant

One of the first and most unforgettable activities you will experience if you avail a cheap Bohol tour package is the Loboc River Cruise. Located in the town of Loay or Loboc in Bohol, the Loboc River Cruise is an activity perfect for the family or the lovers. It gives the tourist a glance of the flora and fauna found in the island of Bohol.

Before one gets to ride the “banca” used for the Loboc River Tour, he will hear the music of the Loboc River Rondalla. They play original Boholano music and modern tunes as well. They used to be a group of blind persons and those with disabilities but now, most of them are able and can see well.

Loboc River Cruise

Loboc River Cruise

During lunchtime and dinnertime, visitors flock to the area to experience the Loboc River Cruise. The problem during these hours is that the several “bancas” cannot accommodate the entire guest. Tourists stay in the waiting area and hear the music played by the Loboc Rondalla.

Once the guests are signaled to ride their boat, orderly entrance and “balancing” is practiced to avoid flipping the banca. Most of the tables can accommodate four to six tourists so lovers or solo adventures often meet new friends if they share their seats.

A wide variety of bushes, trees and flowering plants surround the area of the river, making it green in color instead of the blue we often saw in beaches, which is a reflection of the sky.

Known as the Floating Restaurant, the banca used for the Loboc River Cruise offers sumptuous dishes during lunch and dinner. The best thing about availing the activity at night is you get to see fireflies and the warm lights of the post along the way give you a more romantic feeling. Most floating restaurants have an average capacity of 60 persons. Larger boats can accommodate more and are more stable than the smaller ones. The Floating Restaurant is powered or pushed by a small motorized boat, which also steers the huge boat to its proper direction and avoid hitting another floating restaurant.

During the meal, a couple of folks, who sings and dance using a native guitar, will entertain you. Sometimes you will see several dancers but it is unlikely during peak hours because of the number of guest waiting to ride the Floating Restaurant. During the Loboc River Cruise in Loay, you will see kids playing near the river. Some of them swim with the boat and ask for donation but this is highly discouraged to avoid danger to the lives of the kids playing near the banca.

One will also see kids diving to the river from the tall coconut trees. This will give thrill and amazement to some guests but most often – especially the old ones – guest feel afraid that the kids might hit a rock beneath the river.

At the end of the river, you will see two small falls known as Busay. This is not very amazing but tourists take several photos of this place just to let their friends and families know that they experienced the Loboc River Cruise and reached the Busay Falls.

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